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ULTRA-FLEX® Airbrush Hose

Product Details
Brand: Grex

ULTRA-FLEX® Airbrush Hose by GREX is the first and only advanced air hose designed for every airbrushing application imaginable. Each hose is made from 3 fused layers resulting in ultra durability, ultra reliability and ultra clean-ability.

ULTRA-FLEX® is able to operate up to 120 psi air pressure with excellent resistance to abrasion, cracking, UV and chemicals. The smooth outer jacket makes this air hose easy to clean. Unlike other typical airbrush hoses, there's no exposed nylon fabric that easily absorbs paint and collects dirt. Made for indoor and outdoor use with extreme all weather flexibility. It's lightweight and stays supple even under pressure.

Each air hose also comes with adapters that allow it to connect with the most common air compressor and airbrush fittings - making this the most universal airbrush hose set.

ULTRA-FLEX® by GREX is truly the only airbrush hose that you'll ever want.


- The Ultra Everything Airbrush Hose.

- Excellent resistance to abrasion, cracking, UV and chemicals.

- Up to 120 psi working pressure.

- Easy to clean smooth outer polymer jacket.

- No exposed nylon fabric that easily absorbs paint and collects dirt.

- Connect to all typical air compressors and airbrushes with included adapters.

- Extreme all weather flexibility. Lightweight and supple even under pressure.

- Includes: 1/8"Male BSP x 1/4" Female BSP/NPT Adapter

- Includes: Badger and Paasche airbrush adapters.

- Includes: 2x Hook and Loop Airhose straps.

Note: 10' (3m) is kept in stock, allow 3-5 days for other sizes.

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