Genesis.XBi - Double Action Bottom Siphon Fed Airbrush

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The Genesis.XBi represents the latest in Grex innovation. Equipped with our patent pending Quick-Pull™ handle, the user can conveniently perform nozzle flushing without removing the rear cap, yet still have the ability to take advantage of the pre-set knob. Click here to see the Quick-Pull™ feature in action.

The 0.5mm nozzle opening lets you blast lots of paint, but the tapered design still lets you achieve extemely fine lines. And we've topped it off with our patented Quick-Fit™ standard and crown needle caps for even more versatility.

Like it's predecessor, the Genesis.XB, this airbrush is designed for quick and painless color changes with its plug-in siphon fed bottle. Perfect for t-shirts, murals and multiple color applications. Not only does it provide greater ease for complex projects, but it also offers better line of sight and greater reservoir capacity.


T-Shirts, Textiles, Murals, Fine art, Makeup, Body Painting, Woodworks, Automotive...

NOTE: XBi5 kept in stock, other sizes available in 3-5 days

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