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GGS2 - Grex Ergonomic Airbrush Grip Set

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Product Details
Brand: Grex

Designed specifically for the new Grex Genesis.XGi and XSi airbsuhes, the patent pending ergonomic grip set is now available as an accessory for your first generation Grex Genesis airbrushes as well most other airbrush brands.


- Slip-on ergonomic grip optimized for comfort and handling. (Patent Pending)

- Two piece set - one for the airbrush main body, and another for the trigger button.

- Increases holding area of airbrush to provide better handling, control and comfort.

- Reduces hand cramps and fatigue for increased painting time.

- Durable silicon grip material is easy to clean and impervious to most solvents.

- Grip is soft enough for cushioning to releive finger and hand pressure points.

- Also firm enough to provide structural support for increased holding area.

- Ideal for airbrush users with chronic hand problems such as arthritis.

- Can help make using an airbrush easier for novices.

- Fits all Grex traditional dual action airbrushes.

- Compatible with most popular airbrush brands/models.

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